Watch Mark Scullard, PhD (Wiley research) share his account on the history of DiSC

Why Everything DiSC?

For the past 30 years we have been helping organizations like yours unleash the power of DiSC and we want to share that expertise with you. While there is no requirement from Wiley, the publisher, for certification in order to use their products, a solid grounding in the DiSC model of behavior, as well as an understanding of how to select and implement the variety of profiles available, will insure a long-term success.

Learn more about DiSC here. Access author interviews, take a free tour and try the profile. This page is an evaluation tool box for anyone wanting to explore DiSC for their organization.

Why Everything DiSC?

We are your Authorized Partner having worked with the DiSC model of behavior for almost 30 years. For the past 13 years we have been recognized by the publisher as one of their highest level partners (Diamond Award). Contact us to learn how we can partner with you to help you bring the power of DiSC into your organization.

You may have noticed a variety of Disc assessments. Our certification focuses on the Everything DiSC™ suite of products. Everything DiSC assessment is the only assessment that uses adaptive testing making it the most precise assessment. Furthermore, anyone with an Everything DiSC profile has access to exclusive follow-up resource called

Here are a few reasons why we chose Everything DiSC:
  • 32% more accurate than earlier versions
  • Measures 8 scales rather than 4 (D, DI/ID, I, SI/IS, S, SC/CS, C, CD/DC)
  • Highly personalized report content
  • A variety of workplace applications to meet your needs
  • Free 1:1 comparisons reports
  • A personalized portal to apply DiSC on the job
  • Only Disc profile that uses Adaptive Testing

Learn about DiSC from DiSC authors, listen to interviews:

Get a Broad Overview of DiSC.

Explore the history of DiSC, hear recordings of the DiSC styles describing themselves, and access more exploration tools here

Take a Tour and Get Your DiSC Map.

How can you experience and get a closer look at DiSC tools? Join us for a DiSC Tour! You’ll not only get to explore the various applications and tools, you will have access to your own DiSC map report to accompany you on the tour. Join us by registering on our coming events page here. If our tour dates don’t work for you, contact us to arrange a private tour to meet your specific needs or watch a recording of an earlier tour webinar.

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